Carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning Services

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Whether you are looking for deep cleaning services Pretoria or carpet cleaning services, Duster Dollies can assist. Regular cleaning of your carpet ensures a more presentable appearance. Its primary purpose is to eradicate the germs and bugs within the carpet and this is also incredibly hygienic. Furthermore, the carpet’s life expectancy is extended considerably. So you can see, our deep cleaning services will save you money in the long run while also giving you a more pleasant environment.

Duster Dollies offers professional carpet cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning services to business and residential houses, and our prices are affordable. Our carpet cleaning services team is fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal.

We use the latest Carpet Cleaning equipment and materials to ensure your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance.

Deep Cleaning Process

Our deep carpet cleaning specialists follow set procedures to deliver optimum results.

First of all we visually inspect your carpet. We identify potential permanent stains to give you a realistic evaluation of expected results prior to us beginning. Duster Dollies determine the most logical approach to the task at hand and consider the size and shape of each room, so as to ensure an unbeatable end-result. Cleaning solutions are injected deeply into the carpet at high pressure and are instantly extracted. The carpet cleaning method we use is hot water extraction. This method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacture.

Are you looking for Deep Cleaning Services Pretoria area, contact Duster Dollies!