Thea Künkel

A while back my husband and I decided that it was time for me to stop working and have an opportunity to spend time with our children. Unfortunately, this meant that we needed to survive on only one income and we therefor to retrench our long time domestic worker. Completely disillusioned with the South African Labour Law, my family decided that we would do the cleaning ourselves.
However, my patience lasted exactly two weeks before I realised we needed professional help. A friend suggested Duster Dollies.

Duster Dollies comes in one morning a week and cleans our house more thoroughly than a domestic worker ever can. The Duster Dollies team is friendly, professional, fast and well supervised.
Duster Dollies provides their own equipment and supplies, hereby saving my family hundreds of rands usually spent on cleaning supplies.
Duster Dollies also follows a cleaning plan and I therefore know in advance what service will be provided in every room. However, Duster Dollies was prepare to customise their cleaning plan to fit the needs of our home.

Duster Dollies has also freed us from any responsibility as prescribed in the South African Labour Law. No more UIF, Annual Leave nor December bonus.
It’s a great feeling entering a professional cleaned home and I now actually have the time to spend with our children. I can recommend Duster Dollies to any family considering a reliable cleaning services.

-Thea Künkel